Rumor: Shady XV Leaked Snippets

Rumor: Shady XV Leaked Snippets

These snippets aren’t confirmed, but they do featured D12 on the vocals. Check em’ out in the video embedded below:

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Steve Carrier

October 19th, 2014

1 Comment

  • i thort that shady xv is a perfect album for em hes been through a lot and all that hes been through has made himn a better person a few comical stuff he done if he does a few more that would be great hes an inspireing rapper whos got so much talent that if I could ever meet him i would have to say all the truthful factioal and comical songs that you have done realy inspired me and the media can go suck a dick critisizing you i would kill for a talented rapper like em to stay up on top cos he just dont give a fuck and serious with it wich i like me and him would get along just fine