Bizarre Hypes D12’s Return

Bizarre Hypes D12’s Return

Bizarre has apparently been hyping D12’s return on Twttier. He posted the following tweets earlier today:

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Steve Carrier

May 11th, 2014

1 Comment

  • yoliyu

    I can’t wait for D12 to came back to give us shit to move our burry. I wish that my favourite asshole can do the biggest fuck u fan letter song for they’re coming back. The Lord bless you and protect you even if you are ivol. I’m a bad bitch, a cunt & an ICP and I’m proud of it that is why when I do something I do it big ,if not what it’s the funking point to do it. I love being notorious even with my xmen face. love is painful that is why who love for real will make u the mad cos they will be brutally honest with you. Our father the Lord bless you and protect you. Lots of love & respect my dear friend. xxxxxxxx