Eminem Talks Recovery, Drug Addiction, Rapping, & More

Eminem Talks Recovery, Drug Addiction, Rapping, & More

Embedded below is an interview of Eminem’s appearance on 60-Minutes a couple years back where he talks about recovery, drug addiction, rapping and much more:

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Steve Carrier

October 3rd, 2014


  • This is old!Already seen it!Fuck the internet is a waste of fucking time!Boring and stupid as fuck!Hope i sell this tablet this week!For real!

  • yoliyu

    I see this interview many times, cos my dear friend Marshall the best role model in the good and the bad. I love you and respect you and will do it until we are relics going pinching our grandkids girlfriend and boyfriend butt, like a old drity grandparents loooooooool . 😉 😛